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SDPPI Certification Agency, Type Approval and SNI Certfication Agency by PT. Cerapproval

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  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Violation Penalty

    This socialization discusses administrative penalty sanctions for the improper use of radio frequencies in Indonesia. There are several regulations that can serve as references for operators of telecommunication devices in carrying out their operations, including:   3 Types of Radio Frequency Spectrum/Telecommunication Device Violations The imposition of administrative fines for violations of Radio Frequency Spectrum/Telecommunication Device misuse is classified into 3 types: The formula for calculating fines for SFR/APT misuse based on Presidential Regulation No. 43 of 2023 Articles 20-21 is as follows: FINE = VIOLATION POINTS x ADMINISTRATIVE FINE RATE Violation Points = Violation Index x Maximum Points x

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    all products that have Bluetooth features must have SDPPI certification issued by the certification institution, the Directorate General of Post and Information Resources and Devices (SDPPI) of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) of the Republic of Indonesia.

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  • SDPPI Telecommunication Tool and Device Certificate Fee

    SDPPI Telecommunication Tool and Device Certificate Fee

    To be valid for trade, every SDPPI Telecommunication Tool and Device assembled, produced, or imported for distribution in Indonesia must undergo a certification test for tools and equipment, obtaining an SDPPI certificate. Also Read : The Impact of Using a Telecommunications Device That Has Not Been Certified There are several ways to obtain SDPPI certificates, with prices varying according to the certification requirements of the device. The required fees include: Descriptions Fees Certification using Test report issued within the country Rp 7.000.000,- Change or revise the certificate Rp 7.000.000,- Replacement certificate for the lost certificate Rp 7.000.000,- Certification using foreign

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